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8M International Women's Day

With the fourth feminist wave, on March 8, it has become a day in which to breathe hard, gain strength, momentum and above all, feel surrounded by each other. The streets fill up, the networks are flooded with messages of struggle and the brothers-in-law, with luck, remain silent.

The feeling of union is stronger, the shouts louder and the streets safer. The sun goes down, night comes and for a few hours, we free ourselves from the fear that accompanies us the rest of the year. Finding yourself surrounded by women is synonymous with freedom, brotherhood and security.

It is one day a year in which we can shout without fear, but above all, it is a day that charges our batteries and gives us the strength to continue fighting.

This year we wanted to give you some banners made by us, which you can download and use both online and physically.

Download the .zip file with all the 8M banners in a 50x70 cm size in high resolution, to print them and use them on the 8th or frame them and see them all year long, if you prefer ♥️

Descargar ZIP • 9.65MB

One more year, our online store will remain closed on the 8th as a protest. That day we women did not work in Santa Barbara.

If you can, go to the demonstrations in your cities, but we think it is important to emphasize that for many women with mental health problems, a demonstration with crowds and noise can be an important trigger. You are no less a feminist if you don't go, we have been in that situation and fortunately, we have the social networks to flood them with protest and this fight is not just one day a year.

To all the women who accompany us daily, thank you. You are our engine and our impulse.


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