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Collar Holy V oro 24k

The new collection of jewelry inspired by self-love is now available. For a long time we wanted to pay homage to love but we needed to do it from a place of our own, worth the redundancy, from our experiences and from our reality. Most of our creations are related to our vital experiences and this time it was not going to be less.

This collection is a claim to love for oneself, to the courage that comes from knowing, loving and accepting oneself, and the challenge of defending ourselves and putting ourselves first. We live in a society that masks its shortcomings between filters and hearts. It seems that the raw, the natural, has become something revolutionary.

We talk about bravery to defend your love with our Glory necklace. To lead your battles to protect your heart and your love, with our Athame necklace and earrings. To trust your heart as a guide and pure love, with our Heart necklace and earrings. From the beauty of the soul, with our Like necklace. From fatphobia internalized in society with our Venus necklace.

Self-love is essential for any human being and their well-being. It seems like a merely banal or superficial issue, but it is a path that we should all take to achieve happiness. It supposes an essential introspection work to know and love ourselves without having to change our own nature to satisfy the rest. It is a process that is carried out from honesty. Let's not confuse the ego or superiority, with self-love. A person who has managed to accept and love himself, wishes the rest the same light that she possesses, because love and envy never go hand in hand.

We cannot end without thanking all the women who daily expose themselves in networks to defend a more just society for women. On a personal level, learning to look at ourselves has helped us a lot with the help of people like Mara Jimenez (@croquetamente__), Paula Fernandez (@paulefdz), Rebeca Gomez Polo ( @rebecagomezpolo) creator of @Weloversize, Ariadna Carrascull (@nubedecarbon), Lydia and Raquel from @soycurvy, Yamila Orozco (@dolcecurvy), Carlota Quiroga (@tengoquenayque), Mai (@entretallas) and many more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making us love each other a little more and above all a little better.

We hope these charms help you work on self-love and serve as a reminder to love each other every day without limit.

Infinite thanks for your love, which is the engine of this adventure.

Saint Barbara.


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