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Collar Loba oro 24k

The feminine force.

The wolf is one of the most interesting spiritual animals and proof of this is its symbolism and meaning in different cultures. It is a very special animal with a very powerful energy from which at times of our own we can benefit by manifesting it.

When the wolf manifests itself to us, it is because we need a spiritual guide to accompany us through changes related to the depth of life and our inner self. It appears to bring us cunning, inner wisdom, confidence and self-assurance. It is also closely related to freedom and usually accompanies repressed people or who need help to balance said freedom.

The wolf has a great sense of family and pack unity but without losing her own individuality, which is what makes her a leader and matriarch. Its energy helps us to find the balance between responsibilities and to work on our own personal identity.

Loba - Fuerza femenina

Every woman carries a wolf inside. After the success of the book Women Who Run with Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola, the archetype of the wolf has been consecrated. This work tells us that every woman carries within her a wild spirit, that of the wolf. This female animal is fierce, protecting itself from predators and overcoming inexperience or naivety. The wolf (and the woman) has a strength inside her that can bring her out whenever she wants, even if she's been asleep for a while.

The wolf is creative, passionate, instinctive, wise and does not allow others to tell her which way to go. She knows how to be a matriarch in her pack, she knows how to guide her own. He is capable of becoming a leader of others, without fear and without complexes. She learns from experiences and knows how to take care of herself.

A wolf does not accept the dominance of others over her body. Dance alone or accompanied, if she chooses. Hugs and holds. She is happy and is connected with her instincts and her desires. A wolf does not allow anyone to tell her what to do, how to act, much less, that no one rule on her body and her freedom.

The wolf acts and manages her life freely, without being "domesticated". He is wild when he loves and when he fights. He is not afraid because he knows his strength and knows that suffering is part of life. The wolf dances every full moon. We all have a wolf inside and when you look at the sky and see a big moon, remember that you also have it in you, you just have to wake it up.

You can find it in our store plated in 24k gold or 925 silver.

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