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Collar Ouija oro 24k

Believe and create

The Ouija game was invented at the end of the 19th century. There are several versions regarding its creation and name, one of them affirms that the inventors of the game asked the spirits their name and they indicated "ouija", which came from ancient Egyptian and means good luck.

During the second half of the 19th century, the rise of the dark arts or occultism was experienced among the wealthy classes, which later became popular, becoming a mass phenomenon. Spiritualist practices were introduced and the Ouija board occupied many cafe tables, trying to open a portal to communicate with the afterlife and contact loved ones.

It was Elijah Bond, a war veteran, who patented it in 1847 as a board game. After several owners of said patent, today it belongs to the well-known multinational Hasbro, which also owns the well-known board games Monopoly, Sink the fleet, Twister or the Transformers dolls.

A few years ago a controversy arose when creating a version of the well-known board for “girls”. This was classified as sexist and dangerous, for being designed completely in pink and under the recommendation to be used by girls from 8 years old. It is not sold in Spain, but it can be found on Hasbro's US website.

Ouija - Creer y crear

The Ouija also had its detractors among the mediums. They claimed that playing this “game” could be dangerous but it is suspected that what they really feared was the income they could lose if people decided to consult the board instead of going to them.

It has not been proven that the Ouija board works with the purpose it was invented for, but it does move its pendulum. Some point to the afterlife, others to the subconscious. It was the famous psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, who introduced the ideomotor hypothesis, proposing that the unconscious drives serve to manifest the subconscious and that we self-deceive so that it seems that they are the spirits but we are ourselves. A kind of therapeutic instrument.

Throughout its history, there have been several catastrophic events associated with the practice of this "game" and there are many detractors who warn of the dangers of these practices.

When we lose a loved one, we may feel the need to talk to that person again, but it is important to remember that in one way or another, they are always close to us. They are what some call guardian angels, guides or stars that accompany us and illuminate our path.

Regardless of the current that one wants to believe or follow, it is important to know that in the end, the answer always resides within us. You will always have control and power in your life, believe it and believe it.

As a precaution, we recommend NOT practicing the Ouija board under any circumstances.

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