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Two laps around the sun

Collar Holy V oro 24k

In May we celebrate life, because Santa Barbara is much more than a job or a brand. This materialized dream has become a logbook in which, through our designs, we record what we experience on our journey.

We have proposed to make our anniversary an important date to share with you and to make an effort to return the love that you have given us from the beginning, in these two years that have not been easy.

During the month of June, we are going to have the most important discount in the entire store of 25% OFF and we have created two very special amulets that we will give you with your purchases, so that they accompany you and give you all the magic that you deserve.

When creating these designs we were clear about three concepts: love, strength and magic.

Love to return everything you give us daily since we started. Strength to face everything you propose in life. Magic to attract all your dreams and desires.

Make a wish and snake heart are two charms that you can combine with your pendants or use individually. They are two symbols with a lot of power that we know will bring you a lot of energy and a lot of light.

Here is the meaning of each one:

Make a wish

There are moments in our lives when the number 1111 manifests itself to us repeatedly over a period of time. Although there are many popular explanations, they all agree that it is a magical and special manifestation that we must pay attention to. Seeing this sequence can mean that changes are coming and you have to keep your thoughts positive because it is a very strong moment of manifestation. You have to focus on your desires and not on your fears.

Many suggest that it is a message that tells us that momentous changes are coming in your life and you have to make the necessary modifications to close this cycle and move on to the next. In recent years it has become popular that when you see these numbers, it is an opportunity to make a wish.

In numerology, 11 connects us with the mysteries of life and death as well as light and darkness at the same time. One would not exist without the other. In the Marseille Tarot, the XI arcane represents the Strength arcane and shows the image of a woman taming a lion. In Kundalini energy, 11 is the sacred fire.

With this powerful symbol wrapped in a heart, we want all your wishes to manifest with the light of love.

Snake heart

The snake is one of the most powerful and magical ancestral symbols that exists. Master of everything feminine, she exudes power and wisdom. The shedding of its skin symbolizes the resurrection and the internal evolutionary changes that regenerate us to grow and reach a higher level of energy and consciousness. It is a symbol of energy, the vital force that determines births and rebirths, a continuous regeneration and transformation.

In Egyptian culture, the snake represented power, both in good and in evil. It was one of the most represented symbols of protection and was even conceived as the protection of the Pharaoh. The word serpent was also used to refer to the underworld of Egyptian mythology and that it was the place where the judgment of the god Osiris was held.

In Europe, the figure of the serpent was less used due to the Christian tradition of many countries, and for them it represented the incarnation of temptation and sin.

In ancient Rome, the God of medicine, Aesculapius, had the form of a serpent and was an animal revered for its relationship with shedding its skin and healing. Once again, the power to revive itself, takes on a powerful symbolism.

As we can see, it is an animal with a lot of power, not only earthly, but also spiritual. With this powerful symbol wrapped in a heart, we want all your changes to be experienced from love for yourself.

Holy V - My V, My rules

Moon of Lilith

Moon of Lilith by Eugenia Tenenbaum

The Old Testament figure of Lilith (that is, belonging to the Old Testament) dates back to the times of the Jewish diaspora. The Hebrew tradition considers her the first woman to populate the earth, created on equal terms with Adam (that is, from dust) and, therefore, not subject to his power. Currently, she is recognized and claimed as a primitive symbol of female emancipation in Judeo-Christian culture: she left Paradise, refusing to obey the orders of both God and Adam, to meet Satan, which is why she is also known as "Mother of Demons".

In the 19th century, moreover, Lilith was used as the archetype of the femme fatale as a response to the women's liberation movements that were taking place simultaneously throughout Europe: a woman who follows her instincts, who does not kneel before any man. , who lives his sexuality with freedom and pride and who usually appears related to snakes and, therefore, also sin.

Welcome to the world we were denied

Girl Power

The well-known symbol of the woman, formed by a circle and an inverted cross at its base. In ancient times this symbol represented the goddess Venus or Aphrodite, an allegory of beauty and love. It is said that Venus carried with her a mirror made of copper. The symbol of Venus is a graphic synthesis of this attribute of the goddess.

In astrology, the symbol represents the planet Venus, which in the birth chart tells us about how we show our affection and the love of the person in general. It tells us where this love is best manifested. This planet tells us about beauty, how we relate to each other, the artistic capacity in our lives, in which area we are best inspired, what pleasures we enjoy and where and how we best express our love.

With the fourth feminist wave, this symbol has gained relevance and popularity, and is used in many flags and banners to protest or claim the feminist struggle.

We hope you liked these Charms, as well as their meaning and again, thanks for joining us in these two wonderful and magical years. Without you this would not be possible.


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